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Artiste: grand puba - Titre: soul controller 

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Yeah, uhh

I'd like to say peace to all the Gods and Earths

and people of the universe (peace Allah)

Just want to let you know the black man's first

(Original Man)

We gonna drop a little somethin like this knahmsayin

on how we feel on the real, check it yo, uh-huh

Who tells you when to work? (The Devil)

Who tells you when you get a day off? (The Devil)

Well who gives you your pay? (The damn Devil)

And who takes it away? (The Devil)

You mean to tell me that we're still not a slave

in the land of free and the home of the brave? (mmmm)

Knowledge Cipher, divided by Power Equals Wisdom

But you know we have to start with Knowledge first

Divine evil's what dispearse in a hearse

Situation that we in, some people sayin that we're cursed

The lack of the knowledge of ourselves makes it worse

Science that we drop, make the average head burst

So do the knowledge on the very next verse

I heard a brother say, "I wash the clothes, I cook your food

I pay your rent," now is that how the story went?

Emphatically no, singer singin that weak wisdom knowledge

Shit Haji God is here to cancel it

So just ring the alarm, another Devil's dying, boooohhh

Just ring the alarm, an Uncle Tom is tryin, boooohhh

I didn't come to conceal it, I come to reveal it

The True and Living God with the son of man (son of man)

And if you ever need assistance just take my hand

Black man be prepared cause here comes the Klan

Now my great great Grand, was hung on a tree

by the colored man -- you probably know him as a white man

I seen a Oprah Winfrey show, she said that was in the past

but [bitch], kiss my [ass]

Now it's time to teach the people, why our people's not

treated equal, here's the next sequel (speak on it God)

Askin taller than the tallest wall, you ever saw

Sincere gave the God a call, we boost it from the mall

Long as it's a Devil I'ma take it

If a Devil catch me right, I leave him buttnaked (yessir yessir)

Word is bond, test the God, I don't fake it

Yeah yeah, uhh

Now here it go (here we come)

The soul controller (soul controller)

The soul controller (soul controller)

The soul controller, yeah

Now wake up, wake up, cause you went back to sleep

Grab ahold of your mental cause this next verse is deep

Now check out the thing and what they did to Rodney King

That goes to show ya, who controls ya

The Devil man when brothers went lootin in Cali

they used the corder-cam, the same as the police man

But I bet my last bottom dollar G

The brothers that they picked up won't go free

See I'm a, disbeliever when it comes to jungle fever

Aiyyo God you trust the Devil? (Now Cipher) Me neither

Now brothers say, "Why you diss the church like Ock?"

Cause if church was good for us, it wouldn't be on every block

of our neighborhood, just like a liquor store, it just ain't

no good -- they represent the ten percent

Now Momma Lova has no loot, but she'll spend her last dime

to make sure her child has an Easter suit

What is this with Christmas, I just can't see

spendin your money, givin the credit

to a fat man comin down your chimney (c'mon)

I just can't see it, it's like TV tellin lies to your vision

Haji God is here to make the incision

The soul controller, uhh

Yeah the soul controller, word is bond, the soul controller

The soul controller

Check it

As we come with the twelve jewels we know and understand

The Knowledge Wisdom Understanding

It's Freedom Justice Equality

Food Clothing Shelter

And Love Peace and Happiness

So as we say A-be



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