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Artiste: dayton family - Titre: dope dayton ave 

Paroles & Traduction: - dope dayton ave Ci-dessous, vous trouverez les paroles avec la traduction affichées côte à côte! Sur notre site web, vous trouverez de nombreuses autres paroles avec les traductions de ! Consultez nos archives et les autres paroles, par exemple cliquez sur la lettre d de et voyez quelles chansons nous avons le plus de dans nos archives comme dope dayton ave .


What's up?

Back down on dayton bitch in '93 hoes

Backstabba-first name coke last name cane

Ira dorsey's hoes

Back in this bitch after ootin up a key

Shoestring-the fuckin prostitute killa!

Hey what's up hoes?

We fin to do this shit again

You can't fuck with us!

As a child my motha told me that my body would grow

Into a perm-bootin sperm-shootin mc pro

My ? ? ? ? ? on how to make dough

I a ? for his money took his gold and mo'

I took his money went to hinkle down on dope dayton ave.

Bought a hundred ? oot and a o and a half

Why toot it up, no place to go, so I reach for the phone

Called three hoes all with my babies but nobody's at home

Reach for my bat pulled out the gat put in the clip now it's smooth

Chew on my ginger up at the porch now I'm on a jack move

My posse's thick don't take no shit but I still move along

If I was livin in those days I would have stuck up capone

Back to my story now I'm lookin for somebody to take

Went to the club and saw rudy so I went for the gate

Walked up to g said "introduce me" and he told her my name

Even said my last name dorsey there's no hoe in my game

I said "yo dude I need 9 ounces" and he told me the spot

I said "oh no come down on dayton, ? ? ? ? ? is too hot"

We met on dayton things were straight but you just couldn't relate

He said "no scale oh what the hell, I'm not concerned with the wait"

From rags to riches all the bitches and that's all that we said

Before I go I'll let you know he caught two to the head

I'm a talk a little bit about the set that I'm from

All you local neighborhoods no you don't want none

All of you other weed clicks in the county of gennesee (ask amber rose)

Don't you fuck with d-a-y-t-o-n a-v-e.

Cause it's the ave!

(dope dope dope dope dope dayton ave)

Nobody fucks with me especially on dayton avenue

(dope diggety dope diggety dayton ave)

Don't you fuck with d-a-y-t-o-n a-v-e.


(3 times)

Nobody fucks me, especially on dayton avenue

Cause all I do is sell crack smoke cornbrew

You can't hang nigga maybe you should gang bang

You wanna get wit us but you can't hit us cause it's a dayton thang

He cuts some booties but his boys are steady rollin hard

The chase is on they got us runnin through the back door

My dick is peppin see I'm steppin to the concrete

I'm rude he pops ? ? ? ? and now he's late I sleep

I jumped a fence my pants are rippin see my legs tore

They got me mad and see I'm watching all my blood pour

Now I'm bloody and I'm weak and I can't make it far

Pulled out my gauge and I'm aimin at them bitches core

He aimed back, I said, "fuck it nigga, kill me!"

It wasn't loaded and I exploded them hoes a dead g

You're fuckin with a lunatic a psycho in a war zone

Nobody's boostin me I'm tootin cane on my own

I ? ? them booties now I'm sittin here countin my cash

I'm all alone, bleedin in this tall grass

Nobody sees me nobody knows where I'm at

But that's okay I got my boy and thats my fuckin gat

Nobody scares me not even in a dream son

I'm tootin the cane from the nose of my shotgun

I turn around and start poppin, what's up homey?

Just like the geto boyz my mind is playin tricks on me

I squeeze the trigga, your dead, just see

I'm from the dayton dayton avenue avenue g

(dope dope dope dope dope dayton ave)

Nobody fucks with me especially on dayton avenue

(dope diggety dope diggety dayton ave)

Don't you fuck with d-a-y-t-o-n a-v-e.

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