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Artiste: brand nubian - Titre: hold on 

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I'll keep, holding on
I'll keep, holding on!
Young black male, twenty-five years of age
Many-a-lives didn't survive to this stage
'Cause the rage of another brother got him popped
Shot him and he dropped, like a beanbag
Mean motherfucker with a rag and some jeans that sag
They signify your death by crossin' out your tag
Then they go and brag that they took another life
Never to think, do a brother got a mother and a wife?
Trife when a nigga do the work of the Klan
That's what you're doin' when you ruin the life of a black man
Attack plan on self
The man's got the family jewels, so I guess we're buryin' wealth
All because we've been taught to despise what's black
Open your eyes you oughta realize the fact
That you've been gettin used like a trick
You think you're mighty, but yo, whitey got your head sick
See you were fed thick pieces of swine as a baby
It only help to drive your mind crazy
Now your blind days be over
No more standin on line, tryin to find Jehovah
Let us rewind to a time we was right and just
Nowadays we just fight and bust
One another in the back over crack, a carjack
Will get you killed, watch the blood get spilled
To the scale, then watch how fast they build the jail
Now they got you holdin' on to a cell, well...
I'll keep, holdin' on
I'll keep, holdin' on!!
I'll keep, holdin' on
I'll keep, holdin' on!!
Why it gotta be me be


? I just came to chill
Came to see the flicks, nuttin' more nuttin' less
Try to show love even on a bad day
I roll up, I'm never hold up, the L is swoll up
The beef in the mind is definitely a winner
Oh that's that rappin' nigga, I thought he was much bigger
Do you know this girl named nah be

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