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Artiste: billie holiday - Titre: a sunsetbonnet blue 

Paroles & Traduction: - a sunsetbonnet blue Ci-dessous, vous trouverez les paroles avec la traduction affichées côte à côte! Sur notre site web, vous trouverez de nombreuses autres paroles avec les traductions de ! Consultez nos archives et les autres paroles, par exemple cliquez sur la lettre b de et voyez quelles chansons nous avons le plus de dans nos archives comme a sunsetbonnet blue .


Irving kahal / sammy fain
A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat
Shy little he and she
Were declaring love's old story
In the shade of the old apple tree,,
A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat
Decided to say, "i do"
So they rode to june and glory
On a bicycle built for two
Hear the past.


the song is old.
The summer days are through
With silver threads among the gold
They still say, "i love you"
A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat
Are true to this very day
For he loves her in december
As he did in may

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